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MAY ’11 INSIDE JOB: POS & Sale Banners

MAY ’11 INSIDE JOB: POS & Banners Retail industry like us will not survive without monthly promotion or sale. Here I came up with floral typography jiving with the trend in fashion for summer. Our own Ad agency also provided the same theme for all above the line marketing collaterals. Huge Q sale banner in Oasis Centre, Shiekh Zayed, Dubai Q Sale banner behind Dubai Mall. Below are the creatives in English and Arabic. ATL creative from our Ad agency.  

Inspiring Examples of Typography in Album Covers

Album covers can often prove to be a great source of design inspiration. Like any other type of graphic design, there are a wide variety of different styles that can be used effectively. In this post we will feature 35 album covers with inspiring use of typography and text effects. Follow this thread at