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One doesn’t just simply let his/her employer know all his/her skills and capabilities. One has to have his secret weapon to be able to outplay the competition. Specially when you are a multi-talented graphic designer (ehem!). It is actually normal for some graphic designer to possess multiple design skills apart from their specialization and sometimes they excel more with their extra curricular activities like fine arts, photography, fashion, interior design, product, packaging, animation, web, 3d, architecture, audio and a lot more to mention. They can be just anything they want because they are freaking shapeshifting artist. So why you should not tell them all that you can do? Because they will abuse you and use you up the the last drop of your blood for the same amount of salary you are getting instead of outsourcing it from external agency. I’ve seen a job description from some job sourcing website here in Dubai for a graphic designer wanting them to be good in 3D, Autocad, Adobe suites, web design, php, css, xhtml, will do brochure, …

Tirelessly wating for you.

Go! Stop Its been so long since I spoted the sun rising and not a single photo ’till then. And all this time its always the sun setling down. The lonely mediterranean sun gracing the horizon with marmalade sky Like a brave tears slowly flowing down, leaving everyone to darkness. Watching the sun subsides in troubled streets gives you a feeling of patience. Leaving us all the promise of a new day ahead.

Rainy days in desert.

Today is Tuesday, 5th day here in Dubai, 3rd day at work as it’s has started last Sunday. 2nd time I witnesses a rare downpour of rain in the civilized desert. 8am on our way for work riding a service van we headed a highway of flood and foggy horizon providing the scene of Burj Kalifa like an ethereal dream. Dubai has never experienced such pour of rain that causes flood and thick fog resulting traffic jam though the volume of rain is very little compare to an average monsoon rain in my hometown Philippines. Pause… Right inside our vehicle, the rain is getting heavier and the fog is getting thicker making the highway very dangerous for all. Pause… … almost zero visibility. Pause… … … Finally we all safe aboard.