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The Out-Standing Employee

It has been almost four months since I started working while standing (sometimes standing with just one foot, ninja style) at my workstation with my improvised standing desk. Until now random colleagues are still throwing the same question “Why are you standing?” followed with their own theory like the following: Are you punishing yourself? Are you having back pain issues? Are you trying to get fit? Are you protesting? Does your butt hurt? While I respond with random silly answers like the following: Yes, I am punishing myself for being late No, I just feel like standing and tired of sitting Yes, It is part of my diet since I feel that I’m getting fat. (but that just a feeling) No, that’s a silly question. I am just getting fat and trying to slim down. Thats it. No, I am totally fine. I just needed to change. (and sometimes) You should try it your self, you’re fat. (with Michael Jackson lyrics) If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself, …

Threadless Once More

  I love Threadless designs… I love funny t-shirt designs! I only wish that time will come shipping here in the UAE will be more easier, faster and safer. I had troubles claiming my first order. Lost and never received the replacement order. What could be worst? Better luck next time. I wish to get more shirt online but not sure for now. Why I love Threadless? I’m a designer too! It’s a crowd of creative people when you’re inside their website. Everyone is so creative!                 Blog post by: John Robert Ramos Image of my self are mine of course, Threadless images are from threadless dot com.

Book day at Kinokuniya Dubai

Book day at Kinokuniya Dubai Where can you get amazing stuff for free these days? At Kinokuniya Bookstore, the largest book store in Dubai (i believe). The store in Dubai Mall is a massive 68,000 square feet paragon book gallery which stocks more than a half million books  and a thousand magazines in English; Arabic; Japanese; French; German and Chinese at any given time. Its one perfect sunny day in Dubai made more fun by having free Marvel and DC comic books at Kinokuniya’s “Free Comic Book Day”. It is obviously another creative marketing strategy because the free comic books are located at Anime/Manga Books section with expensive iconic comic, anime, scifi and cartoon action figures displayed around. Free and decent comic books I had/hoard: After hoarding 2 copies of each comic books that they had plus 2 tiny key chain in a box, I have no choice but to buy a book just to have a plastic bag for all stuff in may hand. I saw “Yotsuba” series of comic novels. From all the morbid, bloody, hardcore …