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So You Want to be a Graphic Designer

WHAT DOES  GRAPHIC DESIGNER DO? Along with writers, clients, and other creative people who decide on what the content or message should be, graphic designers make the content look appealing to the client’s audience. Graphic designers are the people who design the magazines, product labels, shopping bags, websites, cereal boxes, newspapers, logos, stationery, books, movie posters, billboards, and millions of other things that we see many times every day. IS GRAPHIC DESIGN FUN? Absolutely. If you’re good at art, and like working with words, type, illustrations and images, you’ll probably enjoy graphic design. Graphic design is work, so is it always fun? Not always. The work can be tedious (like when you have to create 45 charts in Adobe Illustrator). Plus, if you are getting paid, you are working for someone else and it’s your job to keep your boss or client happy. That means that most clients and bosses will want to have some say in what the project looks like. Here’s a great video showing a somewhat extreme example. Thanks to YouTube poster, TheMimeographer.   WHAT …

Splash Winter Wonderland

“Welcome to the 75th Hunger Games!.. And may the odds be ever in your favor!” -Effie Trinket I’m currently reading Hunger Games Book 2 and that is how I could describe the previous Splash Autumn/Winter Royale Fashion Show held at Madinat Arena, Jumeirah on September 22, 2012. Just like the people from the Capitol of Panem, flamboyant, glamorous and surreal. And just like Katniss, I find it too much. I made a lot of laugh all night though I am not the kind of person who introduce my self first (I am antisocial), I am the observer who look at everyones face and see the whole event in multiple perspective. It wasn’t boring at all in fact it was extravagant from the red carpet to the late after party. Here comes the sartorial folks… Spike and studs galore! Blog post and images by John Robert Ramos. I hope you don’t mind folks.


MEN’S FASHION BASICS: The V-Neck Most of the time, people judge you by what you’re wearing, and if you care about what people think, you should care about what you wear. I find V-neck shirt the most basic and comfy yet really stylish especially this summer but not all men can wear it. Guys wearing it could compensate a sexy or tough bad ass look if worn properly. Some call it the heavage the opposite of women’s cleavage because v-neck exposes mens chest below the collar bone and even down to the midriff. But how should a real man wear it right without getting the wrong impression. Some guys look really cool in a V-neck tee such as this famous celebrities below, and some guys looks like a hanger. Usually a good chest helps to fill out a tee, but with a V-neck I think a well defined collar bone is a huge help. This is similar to the idea of never wear a tank-top unless you have well defined shoulders. A guy who has …

Where am I located?

I’ve been living in this red building as how they describe it for about 6 months now. I’m one of the regular user of all facilities like pool, steam bath and gym. Located at Deira, Dubai where you can find almost everything you need. Carrefoure, Reef Mall, banks, Bus station in front, metro station on the making, Hotels, bars, japanese restaurant and a supermarket that sells pork. 10 mins to airport, 15 mins to Creek Park and 20 mins to Dubai Mall.

Rainy days in desert.

Today is Tuesday, 5th day here in Dubai, 3rd day at work as it’s has started last Sunday. 2nd time I witnesses a rare downpour of rain in the civilized desert. 8am on our way for work riding a service van we headed a highway of flood and foggy horizon providing the scene of Burj Kalifa like an ethereal dream. Dubai has never experienced such pour of rain that causes flood and thick fog resulting traffic jam though the volume of rain is very little compare to an average monsoon rain in my hometown Philippines. Pause… Right inside our vehicle, the rain is getting heavier and the fog is getting thicker making the highway very dangerous for all. Pause… … almost zero visibility. Pause… … … Finally we all safe aboard.