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Tirelessly wating for you.

Go! Stop Its been so long since I spoted the sun rising and not a single photo ’till then. And all this time its always the sun setling down. The lonely mediterranean sun gracing the horizon with marmalade sky Like a brave tears slowly flowing down, leaving everyone to darkness. Watching the sun subsides in troubled streets gives you a feeling of patience. Leaving us all the promise of a new day ahead.

My Secret Life in Brunei

MY SECRET LIFE IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAM By John Robert Ramos No other Filipino expat has ever stumbled upon an extraordinary life in Brunei in a short period of 18 months of staying but me. True stories of my odd acquaintances with diverse individuals in relation to work, lifestyle, nightlife, street life, love life, sex life even the life of other overseas worker and local people that I knew. The locals may never realize their own country the same way again after reading my story. The current Filipino overseas workers in Brunei might ask themselves how they could never heard of it. And ordinary readers will be astonished of what oddity can happen when you’re young, alone and fearless in Brunei Darussalam.

Ang Sabi ng Nanay Ko, Sabi ng Tatay Ko.

– “Sabi ng nanay ko inampon lang daw nya ko” – “Sabi ng nanay ko huwag daw akong bibili ng karayom sa gabi” – “Sabi ng tatay ko magisip ako daw ng 100 beses bago ako magdesisyon, nagisip din kaya sya ng 100 beses bago sya magdesisyon sumama  sa ibang babae?” – “Sabi ng nanay ko bakit daw ako mahihiya hindi naman ako magnanakaw.” – “Sabi ng nanay at tatay ko nung mahuli nila akong may lipstik at naka bestida; bakla kaba, bat’ mo naisip maglipstik?”This my ongoing project. Magawa ko kaya itong libro? Kakayanin kaya ng powers ko to? Abangan!