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Threadless Once More

  I love Threadless designs… I love funny t-shirt designs! I only wish that time will come shipping here in the UAE will be more easier, faster and safer. I had troubles claiming my first order. Lost and never received the replacement order. What could be worst? Better luck next time. I wish to get more shirt online but not sure for now. Why I love Threadless? I’m a designer too! It’s a crowd of creative people when you’re inside their website. Everyone is so creative!                 Blog post by: John Robert Ramos Image of my self are mine of course, Threadless images are from threadless dot com. Advertisements

MEN’S WEAR: The Lomo Heat

One summer evening before the sunset, that’s 6:30 pm in Dubai. The sun was still up until 7:10 pm. High humidity (almost damp) with outstanding temperature in the wind. Yes we did, just right after work. After posting “Let’s Pull & Bear” I went to visit Pull&Bear in Deira City Centre and took some stuff. I am very lucky to find this limited edition vintage canvas bag with a genuine leather strap. A staff on the cash counter told me that I just purchased a high quality product, its very strong and will outlast. Anyone can tell that it is indeed look tough even the trousers with a label tagline saying “Stronger than ever”. Pull and Bear is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Narón, Galicia and founded in 1991. The company began to sell through an online store in September 2011. Here in Dubai you can find them at Deira City Centre, Dubai Mall, Mercato and Mall of the Emirates. Top: Photo Edition Shirt not from P&B but from Bershka. Carrot fit …

Let’s Pull & Bear

I know its a bit late to feature a spring/summer collection, but hey I’m in a place where we have 365 days of sunshine (almost). This campaign ad on a beach in Cuba where they use classic sepia kind of photography and videography took my attention. Pull&Bear – SS 2012 Campaign – Here Comes The Light, featuring Dorte, Mariana Santana, Florian Van Bael, Tom Lander and  the famous Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira. Music by “Lay Your Head Down” by Keren Ann. I’ll make sure to visit Pull&Bear tomorrow and check out the store at Deira City Centre or Dubai Mall. Post by: John Robert Ramos Media credit: Pull & Bear <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


Sale at River Island!!! That’s what Dubai Summer Surprises (sale season) will do. Here I am again posting myself. GREY AZTEC PRINT T-SHIRT, £18, RIVER ISLAND, in RIVER ISLAND TOPS NAVY SLIP ON ESPADRILLES, £19, RIVER ISLAND, in RIVER ISLAND SNEAKERS GREY SHORTS, £25, H&M, in H&M SHORTS SUNGLASSES, £120, RAY-BAN, in RAY-BAN EYEWEAR Post by: John Robert Ramos Image Credit: My own, River Island

MUSIC: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I’ve never seen a rainbow here in Dubai, UAE. Not sure if the nature forbid itself to show a beautiful spectrum of light over the desert or its just not possible in this kind of climate. I guess I really miss San Pedro, Laguna my luscious green hilly home town where you can find the rainbow after the rain or in the orange afternoon. I found a new rendition of my favorite song. A song very close to my hearth, a song I’ve sung a hundred times… Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Here I am sharing the beautiful music. The instrumental rendition by The Piano Guys. Here below is the original version by Judy Garland from Wizard of Oz. I hope you’ll enjoy the music from The Piano Guys like I do and support them by buying the music online. Post by: John Robert Ramos Image Credit: My own altered photo of rainbow in Deira, Dubai.

MEN’S FASHION: Lucky Stripes

MEN’S FASHION: Lucky Stripes Sailor striped tees are always classic. Casual, hi-street and even semi formal, these stripes will always draw attention just like the pedestrian lane. Remember that striped shirt can broaden your shoulders and torso. Spring-Summer 2012 trending collection from all hi-street fashion brand like H&M, Reiss, River Island and a lot more brands. Here are my stuff. (1)Fine Stripes T-Shirt w/pocket from River Island, $30. (2) Blue Sailor stripes w/pocket from River Island, $30. (3) B/W Stripes Tees from H&M $25 Get it from River Island but I guess it is finish. Striped T-Shirt from River Island, $30 Buy this at Fred Perry, Dubai Mall or Deira City Centre, $30 or online. Striped T-Shirt from, Selected Homme collection for AED105. Pay by credit card or cash on delivery. As I’ve said, you can wear it under your blazer or sport jacket and make statement like my favorite 500 Days of Summer actor Joseph Gordon-Levit. His Tweed Sport Jacket from H&M, $129. Thats all folks! Posted by: John Robert Ramos Image credit: My …

Photography: The Dusk

PHOTOGRAPHY: Dusk The day I gave up my frustration for violin. Art direction by John Robert Ramos. No one else. Lights: Natural from the sun. Dusk- The beginning of darkness… in the evening. I took this photo before my violin said “no”. Broke my heart by a broken string.. Here I accidentally made a movie scene photography. I went home after work, I saw that light coming from my window. I knew it was waiting to be taken a photo. Just like what I quoted before, “Photograpy is a gift of light”. Rare opportunity. Some croppings but no photoshop alteration.


New building, new neighborhood, new space, new view, new chairs, new background for my shoots. I relocated at TECOM, Dubai where there is a Metro station at the foot of my building (awesome). Great view from the 25th floor overseing Dubai Internet City, Media City, Jumeira Lakes Towers, The Palm and sands storm mostly.

Book day at Kinokuniya Dubai

Book day at Kinokuniya Dubai Where can you get amazing stuff for free these days? At Kinokuniya Bookstore, the largest book store in Dubai (i believe). The store in Dubai Mall is a massive 68,000 square feet paragon book gallery which stocks more than a half million books  and a thousand magazines in English; Arabic; Japanese; French; German and Chinese at any given time. Its one perfect sunny day in Dubai made more fun by having free Marvel and DC comic books at Kinokuniya’s “Free Comic Book Day”. It is obviously another creative marketing strategy because the free comic books are located at Anime/Manga Books section with expensive iconic comic, anime, scifi and cartoon action figures displayed around. Free and decent comic books I had/hoard: After hoarding 2 copies of each comic books that they had plus 2 tiny key chain in a box, I have no choice but to buy a book just to have a plastic bag for all stuff in may hand. I saw “Yotsuba” series of comic novels. From all the morbid, bloody, hardcore …

how it all started?

April 9, my birthday and the launching of this art portal “aertwrk” dot com. This is how it all started. I was in the middle of job hunting in an online classified ads, sending resume plus portfolio here and there… when I had this idea of making myself more publicised by making my self searchable through search engines. Right on that moment I came out with a new concept for my new blog portfolio, edited the form, contents and decided to purchase the domain name “aertwrk”. By then, that way they (future clients and employers) will come and hunt me from what I did… on how to sell your self? Think BIG, even larger than your self. For more information about the website and the author, click on “ABOUT” menu. Enjoy browsing!