Originally named “A secretly visited blog” back in April 2009, renamed to “aertwrk”  (read as artwork) after two years to fulfill the ambitious plans of the author (he only knows what).

Aertwrk.com features personal projects and previous work made by John Robert Ramos. Presenting personal styling from seasonal fashion trends. Promoting music, film, inspirational advertising, photography, literature, pop culture and especially graphic design.

Update 03/08/2017: I am in the process of moving my portfolio with another website that focuses with my work for the sake of presenting my ‘Online Portfolio’ with the concept of being everywhere in the world as a nomadic graphic designer. Watch out for ‘www.nomadicportfolio.com’ for a straight up graphic design portfolio without sugar coating.


“My name is John. I created this website ‘aertwrk’ primarily to showcase my creative work. To share, inspire and innovate design presentation from a banal online gallery portfolio to an entertaining blogfolio.”

A proud Filipino, currently based in Sydney, Australia

Idealistic, realistic, independent and ambitious.

Having more than ten years of experience in graphic design specializing Corporate Branding. Modern minimalist, simple and neat. Vintage enthusiast, pop art and contemporary designs.

Instagram (follow me at @johnrobertramos).

“As a designer, I believe in providing my client what they ‘want’, but I often create for them what I believe they ‘need’ and make them really want it.”

“I don’t make mock designs for a portfolio. I create true to life artworks for a living. No sugar coating. Plain and straight graphic design that pays the bill.”

My areas of experties are digital marketing (social media), digital media (web design and app design, user interface design and user experience) corporate branding, identity (logo) design, packaging design, editorial layout, concept development, photography and art direction. If I am not a graphic designer, I might be a superhero.

Download my CV here.

My tools are, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Muse, Dreamweaver. Preferred Mac OS.


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