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The Unsweetened Digital Portfolio of John Ramos

Holy was the day that I came up with the idea to update my digital portfolio and my resume. I won over my self. I defeated procrastination. I felt like I am a better person already.

Click this link to see the presentation

I have been travelling for only four months full time and dude it wasn’t easy carrying my 30kg around places, but that was not the toughest scenario. It was spending a lot of money for accommodation, food, flights, and expensive mistakes that cannot be avoided along the journey not to mention homecoming (most expensive place to be especially with my mum). Lashing out savings without generating any form of income is scary. I am not an Instagram celebrity travel blogger who can stay cool because they are travelling for almost no cost. I am a real-life traveller. I spend money and travelling is not cheap no matter how much Couchsurfing I do. I am too old for a working holiday visa and I am not white (lol). No rich parents, no trust fund and no sugar daddy. I should be proud of my self, isn’t it?

I found my way to the nearest Starbuck in Queen Street, Auckland and worked all day. I stayed long enough I discovered that their toilet passcode is useless. Just push down the door lever and it will open. I was sitting next to the toilet entry where I found the power outlet available. People who do not have access code are so lucky for having me next to the toilet. I just told everyone that the passcode is useless. Sorry Starbucks, that was my superhero move.

Now, I am getting to the point of this blog post. Too much information aye! Bam, there was my “No Sugar” digital portfolio concept was born (near the toilet). As a traveller, I can never focus on creating something job related as my brain is in holiday mode. It was so hard to update my online portfolio during those months due to poor wifi connections and poor working atmosphere. Imagine, me with my heavy 15 inch Macbook Pro in Bondi beach? Who does that? A poser perhaps. And also, I was not motivated to go back to work. But now, I am motivated with the sight of my electronic bank statement.

“Kahore Huka” is a Maori word for “No Sugar”. This concept is telling my audience that I don’t have time for BS. Sugarcoating portfolio, resumes and job qualifications just to make it in front of the shortlisted candidates is not my thing. I gave them what they need to see. I showed them my kind of work. I presented what I can do. No exaggeration, no lies, no amateur student mock-ups. No Behance kind of work. Only real-life artworks that paid my bills and this travel adventures.

I am ready to go back in the real world. The work force. The humble working class. “Show me the money!”

Click this link to see the presentation

P.S. If you’re wondering why can’t I just take online part time job the answers is, “that will never happen”. I am too distracted. I should be contained to work properly. So, I prefer having full-time job.

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