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The Out-Standing Employee

It has been almost four months since I started working while standing (sometimes standing with just one foot, ninja style) at my workstation with my improvised standing desk. Until now random colleagues are still throwing the same question “Why are you standing?” followed with their own theory like the following:

  • Are you punishing yourself?
  • Are you having back pain issues?
  • Are you trying to get fit?
  • Are you protesting?
  • Does your butt hurt?

While I respond with random silly answers like the following:

  • Yes, I am punishing myself for being late
  • No, I just feel like standing and tired of sitting
  • Yes, It is part of my diet since I feel that I’m getting fat. (but that just a feeling)
  • No, that’s a silly question. I am just getting fat and trying to slim down. Thats it.
  • No, I am totally fine. I just needed to change.

(and sometimes)

  • You should try it your self, you’re fat.
  • (with Michael Jackson lyrics) If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself, and then make a change.

Well, my colleagues will never know my real answers unless they happened to stumble upon this blog post because it went viral. People only reads viral post nowadays which is either about getting rich or who’s getting hitched. 

So here are my multiple answers:


Just Plain Vanity.

I’m insecure with my own body. I really feel bad about my flabby tummy getting worst and while discovering that sitting all day at work will increase the potential of me being alone in this world due to my failure to achieve physical greatness. So I came up with this P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L LIFE CHANGING and I-N-S-P-I-R-I-N-G INNOVATIVE solution, the Standing Desk.


Unconscious Natural Response from my Brain

My brain is telling me that I need routine changes or something bad will happen. I am currently working with the same company for 2 years, 9 months and still counting. (This is breaking my personal record of 2 years and 2 months stay in a company.) The reason for this innate desire for evolution. I found myself reinventing my personal style and even my routine within my working environment whenever my braincells feels that I am in constant boredom and in need of dramatic transformation. A kind of self defence from my self. My kind of survival kit for living.

This is my body’s natural response for its desire to change something for me to survive emotional distress. It is like when our body wanted us to sleep longer for internal self-repairing process to avoid potential illnesses that we are not aware of or when we get a fever because our body is trying to fight the virus out from our system.

From the past two years and a half I managed to redecorate my workstation four times. I have shifted from shaved head to long hair style. From high street dapper style to basic shirt and pants clothing. Baby face to bearded face. From leather shoes to sneakers. I have also moved house around Dubai eight times. This current ‘’Standing Desk” routine is part of my Self Reinvention.


The Awakening of a Role Model

I wanted to practice what we preach. I want to promote a healthy ergonomical work place. I want to be the advocate for CHANGE. I want to take initiative to start to live the life that is good for everyone. I know someone need to light the fire or at least a spark.

My advocacy for Change doesn’t requires everyone to stand at the office. But to make a leap forward from their usual deadly routines at work. Recreate, reinvent and make your self happy at work. If you feel stuck and unhappy with your regular routines you are wasting your life. If you cannot change what you do at work (real fact of life), find a way to change something in your life that you can control. Something that will make you feel good like… how about a different hair cut.


I’m a Real Hipster

Conventional working environment is too mainstream. If everyone wants it, I don’t want it! I need to stand out from the crowd. I need to be the Out-Standing employee.


I’m Just Plain Bored and Needed Something New

I get really bored by sitting and I’m not happy with my swivelling chair anymore.

So what is my real answer?


Don’t ask the designer why, because we cannot stick with one reason. It is natural with us to come up with more than one creative idea and we love all of it.

So far, after working with my Standing Desk for almost four months I learned the ‘Pros and few Cons’:


  • More focused at work
  • I burn more calories (I can eat more junks)
  • I don’t fall asleep unlike when seated
  • I see dead people (because I’m standing tall, I can see everyone at work)
  • Stronger legs and core. Increased overall fitness
  • Increased chances of finding a date due to my increased number of abs
  • Nice sexy back
  • Chances are you’ll be taken soon enough
  • My bag gets to seat at my chair and not on the floor
  • Trust me you are making the right and healthy choice. You can always take a seat as you want since your keyboard is higher you will force yourself to get up again for ease.


  • Everyone will ask you why
  • You are very visible at work
  • You get hungry more often but it’s ok, you’re prettier
  • Your feet will hurt and will never get used to it
  • You need to buy more expensive shoes for comfort
  • Improvised standing desk could be unsafe if not installed properly
  • Pain, but remember No Pain, No Gain

If few more months and people around the office ask me the same question again. I will have to ask them back ,”Why are you still sitting?”

Written by JOHN ROBERT RAMOS  |  25/05/2015

John loves his job as an In-house ‘Digital & Creative Lead’ in one of the leading company in the UAE. He loves to inspire people even though he doesn’t look like an inspiring one. He travels a lot and flood-post beautiful images to his Instagram and Facebook until all his friends and colleagues are jealous enough to convince them do the same. Get a life!

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