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MUSIC: That Old Raw Music Video That Juggles or Dances

That Old Raw Music Video That Juggles or Dances

Hula Hoops

Remember those raw and rad music videos from rad musicians that create real music back in the days not so long ago. So original, so talented and beautifully weird.

They were the pioneer of viral music videos that breaks the internet in a good way. They were your favorite music videos that you downloaded illegally on your phone or pc just to share it with your best buddies or your date only to find out whether both of you share the same kind of music or not.

1. First on my list is my favorite from Fatboy Slim, That Old Pair of Jeans with the Hula Hoops and the Windmills. This video makes me want to go exactly where she is and just read a book and listen to music. The music itself is just fantastic. It creates its own kind of feeling. A feeling that makes you want to be inside the music.

2. Another from Fatboy Slim back in 2006 Juggling trends with the music That Old Pair of Jeans

3. I guest everyones favorite from Daft Punk, here is Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, and Clever

4. Fatboy Slim – Praise You. Praise the pure innocence of this video.

5. One day like this by Elbow. A video from real life. A beautiful day in a life.

6. Last on my list is from Black Keys – Lonely Boy

Let me know your favorite video of this kind. Share me your favorite song back in the days of real music.


Blog written by John Robert Ramos

I do not own videos or images posted here.

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