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CREATIVE PACKAGING: Books & Boxed Set Design

CREATIVE PACKAGING: Books & Boxed Set Design

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A new design element for Emrill’s identity is born and here to stay to give a different kind of approach to future clientele. “The Emrill monogram”. An element that brings new design opportunity and creates higher pitch of standard. This new design is not meant to replace Emrill’s corporate brand identity but only an element which is answering to the requirements of my own in-house clients.

This monogram was custom-made to present the company to an upscale business. A business which has been successful in rebranding their own after bringing their business here in the middle east, The New York University in Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.

The image below shows the construction of the monogram.


A color palette that complements NYU’s identity.


The slipcase has UV spotting on the black monogram while the black area where the white logo has matte finish. White logo is layered with UV as well.

The following images will explain itself.

emrill-nyu-pack4 emrill-nyu-pack8 emrill-nyu-pack7 emrill-nyu-pack9

“My artwork is a reflection of myself. Every details and every flaws. I’m a perfectionist although I can’t perfect and control the quality of my  job done because of the people that contributes and influence my work.”

emrill-nyu-pack5 emrill-nyu-pack6

The work in progress.

emrill-nyu-pack15 emrill-nyu-pack14 emrill-nyu-pack16 emrill-nyu-pack13

Some of the images specially the fancy ones are taken by our in-house photographer named Teddy. I took advantage of his awesome photography skills. I didn’t asked for a really good one but this guy is a professional, he only settle for the best shots. A kind of people that I would love to work with.

Blogpost by John Robert Ramos


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