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INSIDE JOB: Advertising Photography

INSIDE JOB: Advertising Photography

Photography is the single most important element of most advertising campaigns. While copywriters may spend hours producing an eye-catching headline and copy that well introduce the product/brand, it’s the image that first attracts the viewer. It’s also the last thing the viewer usually remembers after turning the page.

It is now photography vs illustration in the world of advertising. As they say picture is worth a thousand words, in advertising a picture must explain or at least directly reflect the brand/product in a full impact.

Here, I am sharing my previous in-house job showcasing the use of photography in advertising.

emrill energy campaign ad


stand design

The launching of Emrill Energy at the Big5 FM Expo, Dubai World Trade Centre


financial district of dubai

Original image

Blog post by John Robert Ramos. We own copyright for images used.


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