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Most of the time, people judge you by what you’re wearing, and if you care about what people think, you should care about what you wear. I find V-neck shirt the most basic and comfy yet really stylish especially this summer but not all men can wear it. Guys wearing it could compensate a sexy or tough bad ass look if worn properly. Some call it the heavage the opposite of women’s cleavage because v-neck exposes mens chest below the collar bone and even down to the midriff. But how should a real man wear it right without getting the wrong impression.

Some guys look really cool in a V-neck tee such as this famous celebrities below, and some guys looks like a hanger. Usually a good chest helps to fill out a tee, but with a V-neck I think a well defined collar bone is a huge help. This is similar to the idea of never wear a tank-top unless you have well defined shoulders. A guy who has a perfect physique and no upper body hair, it can be a sexy look but no no for hairy dudes, shave it! Choose the basic plain natural color and avoid cheap printed V-tees though a small brand logo is acceptable like the one from Fred Perry and Abercrombie & Fitch which is now locally available online through

Here are the guys who rocks the basic yet sexy V-neck look including myself. Haha!

Very casual in dark grey v-tees with Zac Efron

Everyday with Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas just loves the V-neck even with formal occasion.

It’s Robert Pattinson in dark v-tees just look so cool and easy.

Drive actor Ryan Gosling

Rugged look with Orlando Bloom

and that’s me.

It is nice to know that you can shop locally online with here in UAE even if you don’t have credit card. will deliver your order right on your door step and will accept cash upon delivery. Check this grey V-neck on-line

grey v-neck shirt at

Post by: John Robert Ramos

Image credit:, corbis, google.


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