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MEN’S FASHION: A Short Review

John Robert Ramos

MEN’S FASHION: A Short Review

Cargo, tapered, short shorts, slim leg and carrot cut are just few kinds of short pants for men. I myself is a big fan of shorts and seldom go out wearing trouser or jeans but of course it depends on occasion. If I can wear shorts at work I definitely will. Who doesn’t love short pants anyway, since it’s very comfortable, light and easy especially this summer. From casual to semi-formal, denim to pattern & prints, here are my compilation of shorts. Make sure to check out how they wear them and pair with sandals, trainers, lofers or even with formal shoes. (Images are taken from my fav blog

Slim leg, folded 2 inches from the knee.

Tapered shorts can be really masculine. But then again just like the V-Neck shirt, not everyone can wear it properly, the key is having a toned legs.

Cargo pants with blazer are more than casual

Very cool for summer

Prints and patters are here and formal too

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