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Pattern and prints are the trends this season. Once again, my self as the model, my own clothes; Rayban classic aviator glasses, Gray blazer from H&M, v-neck white shirt from Topman and printed short short pants from Splash. Photo by my tripod and lighting by the sun. Location at the backyard balcony. No make-up. Contrast is the key for a balanced look. Plain tops + Patterned bottom match with plain shoes or patterned.

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John loves his job as a Digital Creative. John loves life. John loves traveling. John loves love. John loves to inspire people even though he doesn’t look like an inspiring one. He travels a lot and flood-post beautiful images to his Instagram and Facebook until all his friends and colleagues are jealous enough to convince them do the same. Get a life! Johnny loves you.


    • I have a couple of qutoeisns. I would like as much information you can give about your sessions. I have a combined family. My husband and I have five children total. I have all girls. He has one boy and one girl. Each child has thier own personality of course. We are all country at heart with a little redneck a little diva and a little love and meanness mixed in. I would love to have our family pictures taken. Some poses with all and some of just the kids, some of each kid, and some of just us adults. I am sure it would take a little longer than the boys would like. I want some outside. We have an old red barn in our back yard and I would love to do some by it if you do onsite photos. Or if you can think of another location that would be fitting. I wanted everyone to wear dark denim and white long john shirts.. everyone can add what they want to the outfit to make it thier own. of course everyone would be in thier boots.I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  1. I like the second one more altghuoh I couldn’t tell you why. There’s something about it that just appeals to me. As for what they’re growing, it just looks like grass to me.By the way, I love these sprinklers and keep wishing that we could get these kind for our farm. They’re a lot less work than the ones we have and I’m all about making work easier.

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