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INSIDE JOB: Government Reject Artworks

INSIDE JOB: Government Reject Artworks

This 3d design for our delivery trucks has been rejected 3 times by uae’s local government. I made more than 10 version and never implemented. Now were stuck with our not so fancy delivery truck graphics.


  1. Burjuman says

    Why?What is their reason why they are rejecting this 3d design.?I am asking this because i’m also creating a 3d DESIGN for our company.

    • Dubai RTA did not approve this delivery truck design to go on the road because it will catch too much attention and might cause road accident. Same goes with lingerie model in a billboard is a no place in ME country.

  2. wow these are brilliant. I would stop and stare too, so I guess RTA has a point. maybe you can try implement something like this in a mall? like as part of a display.

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