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Book day at Kinokuniya Dubai

Book day at Kinokuniya Dubai

Where can you get amazing stuff for free these days? At Kinokuniya Bookstore, the largest book store in Dubai (i believe). The store in Dubai Mall is a massive 68,000 square feet paragon book gallery which stocks more than a half million books  and a thousand magazines in English; Arabic; Japanese; French; German and Chinese at any given time.

Its one perfect sunny day in Dubai made more fun by having free Marvel and DC comic books at Kinokuniya’s “Free Comic Book Day”. It is obviously another creative marketing strategy because the free comic books are located at Anime/Manga Books section with expensive iconic comic, anime, scifi and cartoon action figures displayed around.

Free and decent comic books I had/hoard:

After hoarding 2 copies of each comic books that they had plus 2 tiny key chain in a box, I have no choice but to buy a book just to have a plastic bag for all stuff in may hand. I saw “Yotsuba” series of comic novels. From all the morbid, bloody, hardcore manga books selection… Yotsuba the innocent girl in a pastel book cover took my attention. Her childish humour, adventure and misadventure exploring her surrounding got me hooked. Why? Isn’t it good to be back in your childhood? I am thrilled to read it and collect the whole series. (Did you know that Japanese books are read from right to left?) 

My book day at Kinokuniya wouldn’t be complete without checking the Arts and Graphic Design section. From childish to serious books. There I bought an interesting graphic design compendium from today’s most forward-thinking graphic designers. Design books are never for free but my card took care of it.

What!!? Why not? I am a forward-thinking designer. Though this book page above with my superimposed name is a joke, one day my name will be legitimately published as a serious one.


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