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Logo Redesign Project: BlueWaters

 My client said that his logo’s icon looks like a flying bird while it supposedly a water wave. He mentioned that he just took it from the internet and it has to be changed before he launch an online marketing campaign about his online business. Here I am again to the rescue.

Redesigning their new logo is quite simple. Recipes are: modern font + relative color + fish icon and we are on the latest trend of modern logo design. BlueWaters operate through online market alone and I guess this is the cheapest way to start a retail business.

I came up with the idea of making the tag line, “The leading online fishing store in UAE” even though there are no profound documentation but I told them “you’re on your way to be the number 1”. That is a solid one, but if you search the market they are really the only one online fishing store in Dubai and neighbouring emirates.

How to look like a #1 brand? You have to have a very credible logo, identity, packaging and it should reflect your marketing collaterals overall look.


How to be the real #1 brand? A company must provide quality products to satisfy its customers.





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