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how it all started?

April 9, my birthday and the launching of this art portal “aertwrk” dot com. This is how it all started. I was in the middle of job hunting in an online classified ads, sending resume plus portfolio here and there… when I had this idea of making myself more publicised by making my self searchable through search engines. Right on that moment I came out with a new concept for my new blog portfolio, edited the form, contents and decided to purchase the domain name “aertwrk”. By then, that way they (future clients and employers) will come and hunt me from what I did… on how to sell your self? Think BIG, even larger than your self.

For more information about the website and the author, click on “ABOUT” menu. Enjoy browsing!

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John loves his job as a Digital Creative. John loves life. John loves traveling. John loves love. John loves to inspire people even though he doesn’t look like an inspiring one. He travels a lot and flood-post beautiful images to his Instagram and Facebook until all his friends and colleagues are jealous enough to convince them do the same. Get a life! Johnny loves you.


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