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Time to go Home

On my way home to Deira, Dubai from my office at Dubai Investment Park. The scenery is always overwhelming at the desert during sun set… The sun is also coming down to rest like everyone else coming home after a hard days of work…

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John loves his job as a Digital Creative. John loves life. John loves traveling. John loves love. John loves to inspire people even though he doesn’t look like an inspiring one. He travels a lot and flood-post beautiful images to his Instagram and Facebook until all his friends and colleagues are jealous enough to convince them do the same. Get a life! Johnny loves you.


  1. The subject matter here really caught my eye – how you have the man made power lines mixed with the beauty of the the sunset! great Shots !!!

  2. I totally agree: sunsets here in the desert are breath-taking! You took amazing pictures. Great timing too 🙂

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