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Our True Calling

Realizing life after watching this Acadamy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film “Departures”.

No one can tell what you’ll be doing for the next 10 years or so…Like Daigo Kobayashi a Cellist fated to become an encoffineer…I think it is best describe as the true Calling…In our lives, certain people are selected to become someone no one dares to become. Of course one said he or she likes to become an encoffineer or a plumber when he or she grow-up, so destiny choses among us…I never dreamed to become what I am today, It just landed on my feet… And now I am thinking that I can let go me being a designer whenever there is a chance though I am quite passionate of what I’m doing now…yes…i might let go and follow whatever Calling is there for me… Here is Ave Maria in Cello solo prolonged to the movie theme music…
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John loves his job as a Digital Creative. John loves life. John loves traveling. John loves love. John loves to inspire people even though he doesn’t look like an inspiring one. He travels a lot and flood-post beautiful images to his Instagram and Facebook until all his friends and colleagues are jealous enough to convince them do the same. Get a life! Johnny loves you.

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